Monday, 2 November 2015

Hug Your Horses

A great horse passed today. Not a famous horse, or a fancy horse, a big plain bay with just a little white.

A big goof who happily came out of a field to show his new person the wonders of eventing; who gave a returning rider wings and heart.

He'd gallop madly down a beach but always keep his person safe. Rampaging over ditches, locking merrily onto jumps with a spring and a tail swish.  Honest and kind, with a hint of the devil, so no one got bored.

A practically perfect partnership, over far too soon.  Wither scratches and hair nibbles, evening rides with an old dog dancing behind, hacks with friends, competitions filled with laughter, apples and cider.

Hugs your horses, its always too soon.

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Delphykat said...

I can't stop reading this post over and over. Thank you so much for the tribute. It is so nice to reminisce about the fantastic summer we all had together. we all (including our horses!) had so much fun��. Korobij taught me so much in such a short time - what an amazing horse.
And btw, mugsys shoutout is epic. ��
I thought i would post directly on the blog page because it doesn't seem right that there are no comments! Xox

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