Tuesday, 14 June 2016

'Scuse me, I need some technical support

When I'm not riding, I'm usually on a computer.  It makes sense considering I provide tech support in my 'real life'.  You know what a couple decades of technical support has taught me about horses?

Life is SO much easier if the problem is me. I can fix me, or at least improve.

I can change my approach, learn something new, RTFM (read the 'fine' manual aka a book) take a lesson/clinic, go to the gym, even change disciplines.  There's soooo many options.

But an inherent bug? It takes a ton longer to deal with. If it can be fixed at all.

In software, someone other than you (usually) has to go find the problem, work it out, test and hope they haven't triggered any unintended consequences in the process. Sometimes, the problem is an inherent limit that can't be fixed without going back to scratch.  Sometimes, the fixing the problem exceeds the physical limits of the machine and there's nothing to do but work around the problem.

And horses are really no different in that respect.

So when a problem crops up with my horse, and the problem is me?  Its a very good day indeed because there's always hope.

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