Friday, 7 August 2015

Planning ahead? Just try it

It's a miracle! We've had some uninterrupted sunshine, although it is soon coming to an end. It feels like this hasn't happened since the meteor struck.

As you can imagine, time with the hippo on a long weekend was a priority. I mean, it's not like there's stuff I can/shouldn't have been doing around the house like refinishing that cabinet, or taming my out of control garden, or organizing the house. I've got skills but evidently they apply to everything BUT housekeeping. (I blame the tiny arms and large head, makes it impossible to get at corners)

See?  No can reach!

Hippo was in fine form, happy to dance exuberantly without an excess of drama.

Save the dramatic flourishes for your own time...

Of course, it wouldn't be life with the the T-Rex without the unexpected happening. The plan on Sunday was to ride the hippo to the beach with a few velociraptors. Set a time, meet, tack, head out. Simple yes?

Not so much. 

Arrive to find out hippo has a somewhat swollen hock.  Hmm. How'd that happen? 
Velociraptor #1 preferred to demonstrate her best impressions of a leaping antelope. Velociraptor #2 complained about a front foot, velociraptor #3 complains about a back one. 

Good lord! What'd they do? Send around a memo? Whoever coined the phrase, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail" never had a horse.  With them, plan all you want, you still haven't got a damn clue what's actually going to happen.
Seriously, do they plan this?
Raptor #1 was definitely out. (We like her rider, we'd like to keep her in one piece) . Time to check the injured list.  Raptor #2? She's fine, no idea what that was about.  Raptor #3? Definitely stayed home to be replaced by his understudy.  The hippo? She didn't show any discomfort so it's the tough love, long slow hack for her

Off we go, eventually, for a steady trip to the beach. Sunshine, cool breeze, long slow miles of conditioning for all of us but what a production to get going.

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