Monday, 20 July 2015

T-Rex for Dinner, Party of Millions!

What a beautiful weekend it was.  Bright, warm, a few days without rain.  Perfect for a ride to the beach for the T-Rex and her trusty steed, the Dancing Hippo.

Have I introduced the Dancing Hippo yet? Big, gorgeous, solid and athletic; with the bonus that she makes my T-Rex tail look smaller.  The end goal is the dressage ring, but cross training is a good thing.  (She's also nicknamed the Dramatic Hippo, but I'll get to THOSE stories)

The dancing hippo has moves 

Anyway, back to the weekend, head off for the beach with a friend.  We head down hill and over dale (Sorry 'bout that Dale :D)  and to the woods path shortcut that takes us off the road.

Remember how I tend to forget one little detail here and there? I forgot my bugspray.

And people think an angry TRex is scary!

The hippo?  Her's lasts for days,she's good.   I forgot my bugspray COMPLETELY. And the shortcut is close shrubbery, and swamp, and rocks.  So, its walking only. The hippo is picking her way along the trail happily, I am flapping my tiny arms like a maniac.


Do we turn back?  Of course not. There's beach riding to be had, hills to rampage, ditches to jump, tourists to startle and dogs to antagonize!  But, of course, there was the return journey with a tired hippo taking her sweet ass time moseying along.  In the meantime, its time for the second course of T-Rex for the mosquito hordes.

So, if anyone is looking to jump start a T-Rex cloning program.  I would recommend the collecting mosquitoes in the East Lawrencetown area.  Verrrrry good change of DNA there.

Soooooo itchy....

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