Friday, 17 July 2015

T-Rexs, we're still out there!

You might've heard that dinosaurs were extinct, especially the T-Rex, but I'm here to tell you we are alive and well!

How can you claim to be a T-Rex, you ask?  Easy enough!  Let's look at the defining characteristics of a T-Rex shall we?

  • Big head?  According to a lifetime of frustrated hat shopping, that's covered. Well, barely covered depending on the manufacture of the hat but you get my drift.
  • Big tail? Ummm (checks mirror)  According to the family/friends consensus that Sir Mix A Lot's anthem "Baby Got Back" should have been written for me ... check!
  • Little arms? Well, that used to be a joke. Then I took up yoga for a while.  I found out that there was a whole series of seated poses where your hands were supposed to reach the ground. As in flat palms....and bent elbows.  I could only reach with my fingertips. 

That's not even getting into my carnivorous tendencies or the fact that it took me years to realize I was a T-Rex (hello little brain!)


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