Friday, 31 July 2015

Hard life for Hippos

I've noticed a pattern lately.  I walk out to the paddock, halter in hand.  The hippo's head first in the water tank. I call out her name, her head yanks up.

She stand there looking glorious; bright eyes, pricked ears, mane lightly ruffled in the breeze.  And then?  High tails it to her buddies, with her fellow hippo just a little bit closer to me than she is.
This is NOT what I act like, seriously

Evidently the Hippo wants a vacation.  Her 4-5 day work week, composed of dressage schooling, limited hopping over jumps and seaside hacking, totalling a maximum of 8 hours?  Yup, too much work.  I mean, its practically abuse to make a hippo work this hard. After 7pm at night too, what an uncivilized hour!

You too can help an overworked hippo

Off I trudge/limp, through the mud, to catch the hippo. The hippo is making discreet head motions at her buddy.  "Take that guy.  He's bored.  I'm sure he's bored and he's 6 inches closer than I am"  I pull out the hard core ammunition.  Mini carrots.  

Here Not-the-hippo, have a carrot!  (Hippo gives me a squint-eyed look)  Here Not-MY-hippo, have a carrot! (Hippo looks indignant)  Here hippo, have a halter, then a carrot. (Hippo looks resigned and munches)

Off we trudge (well, she trudges.  I limp) together back through the mud across the field for a night of grooming. massage, ditch hopping and light ride.   Because, hippo has a hard life!

Its a hard knock life for hippos

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