Friday, 24 July 2015

We Have A Problem

Have you ever noticed that you have a 'type' that you gravitate to as a rider?  You know, the kind of horse you look at and ...
Did you SEE the trot/jump/ass/canter/"fill in the blank" on that horse?!?

Don't lie to me.  We've all seen at least one (dozen) where we've groaned indecently and plotted what organ to sell, how many and who we could get away with harvesting from. I've done it, you've done it, we've all done it. More than once, a significant other has been in the room wondering why you've never made that particular sound looking at them.

Horses, they're a drug.

We're addicted.

You could plaster them with labels like cigarettes.  "Warning. May cause financial, mental and physical injury.  Can be life threatening. Visit your health provider before buying horses and associated paraphernalia"  We'd rip off the labels without batting an eye to get a better look at the animal underneath and sizing up what gear would look best.

Family of horse people:  There's no rehab.  No intervention that will last.  Its lifelong. Get on board or get out of the way.  It COULD be an actual drug habit, you know, like nicotine, cocaine or heroin. (Note to self, heroin is nicknamed 'horse'.  Perhaps not the best example)  Granted, an actual drug habit MIGHT be cheaper in the long run but less socially acceptable.  Also, in theory, horses are less likely to land you in jail.  That depends on the choices you make to support your equestrian habit.

You know, as riders, we're picking 'the other hand'? Right?

I mean, how many of us are doing this?
Years of training, loads of $$$$$

And how many of us are doing something closer to this.

Years of training, loads of $$$$$

And yet, when we have a breakthrough, or a particularly fun ride...  the rush?  That flood of adrenaline and satisfaction? That glorious feeling of unity between two partners that see the world totally differently and yet communicate in sync for that brief time? Its a high that takes days to come down from and we'll spend months chasing it.

Is it worth it?  Abso-friggin'-lutely.

Think I'm nuts? Meh, screw it.  Don't care. I'll be over here training my hippo to dance, who's totally my type, which I'll explain another day.

Don't ask which one of us this should be.  Seriously.

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