Friday, 17 July 2015

T-Rexs Don't Understand Electricity

Two great things about the barn I am at:

  1. The horses aren't afraid of T-Rexs.  Always a bonus.
  2. They're making improvements to things like the electric fencing.  Keeping the horses in their turnout area?  Double bonus 
Except that I have a loooong history with not understanding electricity.  I 'm positive my electrical professor in University gave me a D to be rid of me.  (I mean GAVE!)  He knew I wouldn't go into electrical.  The electrical portion of Physics courses was always hell too.

Oh, Daddy T-Rex had a loooong history of doing his own electrical repairs while forgetting to shut off the power and other such things. His electrician had to beg him to stop, but I digress.

New fencing goes up, new charger.  Horses go "Well shit!  That's worth keeping distance from."  I go trudge through the rain and the mud to get my horse who proceeds to shoot through the gate.  Huh, that's new.

Groom, ride, groom, go to turn back out. I make my horse stand while I'm opening the fence, she's jumping and twitching in time with the clicking of the fence.  (In fairness, she can be a drama queen about weird sounds)

Week goes on, she continues to be a dork about the fence.  The more dorky she is, the more I work on making her walk slowly in and out the gate. (without a ton of success I might add) And then we have a night where she bolts into the paddock (between clicks) while I'm unhooking the top wire.  

T-Rex is roadkill, on crutches the next morning and PISSED.  Everyone loves an angry T-Rex, don't they? Much muttering about "Stupid horse"

A few days later, the barn owner is there while a couple of us are putting the horses out.  She strolls over, looks at how the fence has been unhooked and spots the problem. Wires are unhooked and wrapped around the METAL fence posts.

Metal fence posts. 

God Damn It! 

Electricity flowing down metal posts, through wet ground and up through metal horseshoes...

Not so stupid horse ... very stupid T-Rex 
Anyway, I always miss some little detail about electricity.  (and managed to zap myself again just the other night...)

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